WEAR IT WELL: Reclaim Your Closet & Rediscover the Joy of Getting Dressed


Define your style and use fashion as a tool for self-discovery using the Three-Word Method and AB Closet-Editing System.

Personal stylist Allison Bornstein has mastered the art of helping people look good and feel good. In Wear It Well, she shares her philosophy and outlines systems that will bring your style into alignment and create a wardrobe that delights your spirit and reflects your most authentic self.

Use the viral Three-Word Method to discover and define your personal style. Curate your closet with the AB Closet-Editing System, eliminating items that don’t fit or work for your lifestyle to build a safe and inspiring space that is filled with only clothes that bring you joy, confidence, and empowerment. Create new, sustainable looks by shopping your closet and mixing and matching with the Nine Universal Pieces.

Filled with client stories, gentle guidance, and expressive photography, Wear It Well will inspire you to identify, articulate, and develop your personal style, and dress with ease.

UNIQUE BLEND OF WELLNESS, SELF-CARE, AND FASHION: The only "Joy of Dressing" book there is: no other book merges fashion, wellness, and self-care. In a time when many of us are at home or beginning to venture back out professionally or socially, this book will help take away the stress and anxiety around dressing. It is also a refreshing take on self-care that can easily be added to morning routines.

A PROVEN PROGRAM: The AB Closet Editing System and Three Word Method are simple ways to organize your closet and your mind that Bornstein has successfully used with hundreds of clients.

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BODY POSITIVITY: Wear It Well discusses how to combat and banish the voices of shame that permeate fashion culture and our own heads when we buy clothing. This will appeal to readers passionate about body positivity, and fans of The Body Is Not An Apology, Body Talk, and More Than A Body.

PROMOTES SUSTAINABLE FASHION: Bornstein's program is based on shopping our closets rather than going out to buy an all-new wardrobe. She demonstrates how to choose ten versatile pieces to mix and match within our wardrobe. She also encourages readers to donate "never going to wear" clothes and to dress intentionally.

Perfect for:
  • Fashion and style enthusiasts interested in capsule wardrobes and intentional styling
  • Followers of home organization, decluttering, and hygge trends
  • Women and men who simultaneously hate and love getting dressed
  • Young professionals, new moms, and women over 50 looking to redefine their style
  • Anyone interested in sprucing up their closet or establishing new personal care habits
  • Practitioners of body positivity
  • Self-purchase or thoughtful gift for anyone seeking inspiration for self-care, happiness, wellness, and stress relie
  • ISBN: 9781797221427
  • Author: Alison Bornstein
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages

Allison Bornstein is a stylist and wardrobe consultant who specializes in helping “everyday” people look and feel fantastic. She found her pas­sion during the pandemic by helping people from all over the world find their personal style and curate their closets via FaceTime. Bornstein hopes to empower people to view fashion as a tool for self-expression and overall wellness. By encouraging her clients to shop their closets, tune into their authentic needs, and embrace the pleasure of “repeat dressing,” she has created a brand that is as much about sustainability as it is about joy. You can learn more about her work at allisonbornstein.com, on Instagram @allisonbornstein6, on TikTok @allisonbornstein6, and on YouTube. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.

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