Wearing pre-loved clothing is something I've done all my life.  I grew up in Pennsylvania as the youngest of seven children and all of my pre-loved clothing came from my siblings.  We just called them hand-me-downs.  My frugal family was sustainably conscious before we knew it was a thing.


Several years ago I decided to only buy secondhand.  Inspired by the abundance of high-quality secondhand clothing on the market, combined with my concern over the toll the fashion industry takes on the environment, I went full circle back to my childhood and started wearing the clothing that other women grew out of, literally or figuratively.


Now choosing used is mainstream. People have discovered that the secondhand fashion market is full of high quality, on-trend pieces that are every bit as good as new.  It is a guilt-free, environmentally-friendly, sustainable choice.  It's a lifestyle that harnesses what we collectively already own so as a community we can live more responsibly.  This is the circular economy.


ReCHIC serves our community by providing a beautiful place for local women to sell and buy pre-loved clothing and where secondhand shopping and consigning are first class experiences.  We also offer new gift items from independent small business makers that our customers love for birthdays, special occasions, or a quick hostess gift. We wrap too.



I've had a privilege of living and raising my family in Orinda and I love our small town. My husband works around the corner from the store and sometimes brings me lunch.  I have the most amazing friends, consignors, and customers who come to the store for cocktails and to catch up.  Stop by sometime.  We and our store dog, Charlie, would love to say 'hello'.