We take care of you.

Our consignors are our business partners and that relationship is built on trust and respect.  Our trust is grounded in transparency and accountability and our respect is shown by the quality of our work and communications with our consignors.  

Whether we're signing up a new consignor or working with a consignor who has been loyal for years, we value the relationship and always work in their best interest.


We take care of your consignments.

Respect isn't only for people.  At reCHIC we believe that it applies to every item that comes into and out of our store.  

From the pricing to the photography, from the merchandising to the wrapping at the point of sale, we handle your items with care so that you make the most money possible and the customer purchasing your item is thrilled to take it home.


We take care of the community.

Consigning locally allows us to harness what we collectively already own so we co-create a more sustainable community.  It creates a stronger local economy and closer local connections.  It allows us to support other local efforts and small businesses through our charitable giving and in-store events.  


We take care of the environment.

Consigning locally creates a cleaner environment.  Not only do you save the planet from the impact of manufacturing something new, but the closer an item stays to home, the smaller the carbon footprint it takes to find a new home.  It's that simple.