Our consignors are our business partners and that relationship is built on trust and respect.  Our trust is built on transparency and accountability and our respect is shown each time we communicate with our consignors and in how we care for their merchandise.

Our consignment criteria and procedures that are outlined below have been established by a combination of thorough market research and experience operating our brick & mortar shop.  Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!  

Consignor Splits

The most frequently asked question is, of course, about the consignor splits.  Upon sale, a consignor's account will be credited:

  • 40% of the sales price for items that sell for less than $50
  • 50% of the sales price for items that sell between $50-$499.99
  • 60% of the sales price for items that sell between $500-$999.99, and
  • 70% of the sales price for items that sell for $1000 or over.

Consignment Term and Markdown Schedule

  • Consignment period is 60 days from the date the consignment items are entered into our system.
  • There is no automatic markdown schedule, but we reserve the right to mark items down by 20% after 30 days if necessary.

 Consignor Payouts

  • We like to make it easy for our consignors to receive their earnings!  Consignors with a credit over $100 will be AUTOMATICALLY paid out at the beginning of each month.  Checks will be issued and mailed.
  • Consignors with a credit less than $100 will be issued a check UPON REQUEST.  
  • In lieu of a payout, consignors may use their credit to purchase merchandise in reCHIC's brick & mortar store in which case an additional 20% is added on top of their credit. Consignment credit cannot be used to purchase merchandise online via the website but all merchandise that is on the website is available for purchase in the store.


Unsold Merchandise

  • Consignors have a choice on whether to pick up or donate unsold items.
  • If a consignor would like their items returned, we will have them ready to go!  Consignors will need to check their account via the Consignor Portal Access (see below) to know when their items are about to expire.  Those who would like to pick up their unsold items are responsible for making an appointment to pick up their items within 7 days of the consignment items' expiration date.  Merchandise that is not picked up within 7 days of the end of their consignment period becomes the property of reCHIC 101 and will be donated.
  • Consignors who donate their merchandise will need to check their account via the Consignor Portal Access (see below) to know what items have been donated on their behalf.  Hospice of the East Bay in Pleasant Hill, CA, is the happy recipient of our donated items where they will go on to be sold in their Thrift Shoppes.  Your support allows them to achieve their mission of comforting people and their loved ones through the final stages of life.  contributions to Hospice East Bay are tax-deductible.  Tax ID number is 94-2515405.

 Consignment Criteria

  • Items are made by brands we accept.  Please refer to our Brands We Accept list.
  • Items are in very good to excellent condition, are clean & pressed, and are free of stains, holes, pills, broken/missing parts, alterations, odor, or missing brand label.
  • Items are seasonally appropriate.  
    • JAN - MAR:  spring items
    • APR - JUL:  summer items
    • AUG - OCT:  fall items
    • OCT - DEC:  winter and holiday items
    • Items are not out-of-date.  Generally this means that they were purchased within the last 3 years, but since reCHIC leans toward classic styling and we love a good vintage find, we will accept select older items.

    Making an Appointment

    • Contact us to let us know that you have items you'd like to consign.  Please let us know...
      • how many items you have
      • the brands
      • the categories (eg. tops, sweaters, dresses, jeans, etc...)
      • days/times during the week that you are available
      • If we determine that we are a good fit, we'll set up an appointment for you to bring your items to our store for review and set you up as a new consignor.  Please be sure that items are clean and pressed and on hangers.  Denim and sweaters can be folded neatly.

      Consignor Portal Access

      Consignors will be sent an invitation to access our consignor portal which allows them to view their account summary and item information as well as view important messages.  This access allows for total transparency so that consignors know what is going on with their items at all times!  Messages will display when

      • items have been recently added to the system
      • items are expiring in the next 10 days so that they know to make an appointment for pick-up if desired
      • items have been returned
      • items have been donated