Cleanse Gourmet Bath I Dream In Flowers 2-Pack Sleep Shower Steamers/Bath Bombs

Cleanse Gourmet

These beautiful sleep steamers are blended with neroli + vanilla + lavender + dried bespoke mixed botanicals to sooth + calm + relax. They can double as a bath tablet as well. Wet to activate and place on the shelf of your shower near your face to diffuse or for a light diffusion, place on the floor of the shower.

  • 2 steamers/package
  • packaged in a rice paper stand up pouch
  • vegan/cruelty free/organic/botanicals/natural/no synthetic fragrances
  • a mix of different colored botanicals so they're all different
  • Handmade in the USA

Cleanse Gourmet Bath is a plant based + food grade gourmet ingredients beauty brand that focuses on fresh infusions that feed your skin. All of their products are eco-friendly, made in small fresh batches. The honey that they use in some of their products are produced organically without the use of artificial feeds, chemical miticides, heat or filtration and the responsible beekeepers only use organic compounds to care for their bees. They have very strict ingredient standards, allowing only essential oils + natural botanicals in their formulas in place of synthetic dyes + fragrances. To preserve their fresh batches, they use vitamin e, benzyl alcohol, radish root ferment, bananna leaf, honey, rosemary leaf and natural acid blends.

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